Access Control Turnstiles with modular design FBL6000 Pro, SBTL6000
2020-11-26 14:10:27

ZKTeco launches FBL6000 Pro & SBTL6000, a series of access control turnstiles to ensure security and crowd management at the entrance of areas with a high-pedestrian flow.

New FBL6000 Pro & SBTL6000 Access Control Turnstiles for Security Systems

FBL6000 Pro & SBTL6000 are access control turnstiles designed for stable, noise-free operation, with a modular design to allow fast and easy reader interchange and installation. The installation of the reader can be completed with a simple removal and extraction.

  • Smooth and extra silent operation
  • Simple and straightforward structure
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy installation with minimum maintenance
  • SUS304 stainless steel cabinet to ensure maximum durability
  • Support multiple verification: RFID, fingerprint, QR code, palm and visible light facial recognition

FBL6000 Pro Series: Flap barriers with modular design

FBL6000 Pro & FBL6200 flap barriers provide a secure and effective way of managing the flow of visitors and staff in entrance halls, high-traffic areas or retail.

With smooth operation, high durability, and multiple verification methods, FBL6000 Pro access control turnstile is an optimal choice of entrance control.

SBTL6000: Swing barriers with modular design

Upscale office or hall entrance ways and enhance your security system with ZKTeco SBTL6000 & SBTL6200 contactless turnstiles technology.

SBTL6000 swing barriers offer superior durability and cost-effective entrance control solutions designed for high-traffic volume.