LockerPad-7B is a core part of the ZKTeco Intelligent Locker Solution
2021-11-12 19:04:32

LockerPad-7B is a core part of the ZKTeco Intelligent Locker Solution. It could control at most 96 locks through the lock control boards. Users may customize the firmware if they hope to control more locks.

This is the first biometric device of ZKTeco for lockers. The self-service technology through face registration and facial recognition could be applied in gyms, supermarkets, swimming pools, libraries, museums, and other places. There is no additional personnel management and consumable required.

Features LockerPad-7B

• Visible Light facial recognition
• Anti-spoofing algorithm against print attack, videos attack and 3D mask attack
• No additional consumables needed; energy saving and eco-friendly
• Real-time records, allowing retrieve of unlocking history and relevant data
• Supports photo playback and video advertisements
• Smart light design, adaptable to different light environment
• Good user experience because of the new software design for the locker industry
• Multiple languages available: Simplified Chinese, English, Spanish, Thai, etc.

Application LockerPad-7B

Gyms, pools, supermarkets, libraries, schools, museums, residential areas, office buildings, factories, etc.